Meeting Amplifier &
Wireless Microphone System

In the technical field of wireless microphones and wireless amplifiers, our continuous investment in research and development has been the main reason for our Link with countries around the world and staying with the pace internationally.

Founded in 1976 in PanChiao, Taiwan and using it as a base in Asia, Chih Yin Electronic Co., Ltd. has built a stable and strongest fortress from which it has continued to achieve breakthroughs and growth. Our ultimate goal is to develop world-class wireless receivers & transmitters and wireless amplifier products. Chih Yin Electronic provides professional wireless product designs, of which cutting-edge innovative designs in the industry, strictly controlled manufacturing quality control, and thoughtful service have contributed to the creation of the Chih Yin golden triangle: the pursuit of perfection allows us to achieve the unshakable rule of careful selection, which parallels quality assurance.

Chih Yin’s continuous investment in equipment and talent, as well as its over 30 years of research and development efforts have contributed to the creation of a variety of professional wireless Public-Address (PA) system products, ranging from small bodypack and portable amplifiers, medium portable amplifiers, large conference-type column speakers and formal wireless podiums, which are sold in over 120 countries and have gained a firm foothold in the field of wireless Public-Address (PA) conferring systems. The products manufactured range from appearance design and manufacture to final product injection molding. With the participation of professional engineers throughout the process, and the vertical operation and production in upstream and downstream factories, strict quality control is implemented in each step.

Chih Yin aims to provide the best quality, post-sales services, and the most professional wireless products. It also adheres to the mission of investing in sustainable product development. With the strongest of hearts, Chih Yin has surmounted all kinds of difficulties and challenges and endeavors, so it is committed to the integrity and stability of the internalfunctions and demands nothing but perfection in its production. It is the company’s responsibility to consumers to strive for betterment and quality. Over the years, Chih Yin has been committed to digitizing products and launching new products annually to achieve breakthroughs in product performance and more sophisticated wireless designs, hoping to provide users with the simplest product use instructions and achieve the best results.